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YouNeverCall's Cell Phone call from the moon contest!

Response to our Cell Phone call from the Moon contest has been unbelieveable!

Once our switchboard crashed from the onslaught of calls - we knew that this contest had struck a chord with moon lovers - as well as people who can hardly get reception in their dining room!


Answers to a few questions we keep hearing:

1) NASA Space Shuttle calls do not qualify as they are not placed from the moon and they do not use commercially available cell phones like the Motorola Razr.

2) Don't pay attention to that picture - you don't need to use an Iphone to place the call!

3) There is probably no way to access a base station on the Earth using a common cell phone - you will need to set up a base station on the moon.

4) Satellite is not cellular - this contest is for use with cellular. Dual Cellular/Satellite does not qualify.

5) People from any country (or planet, I suppose) may claim the prize.

6) We resent the comments by Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, implying that our contest belittles their Moon Challenge.


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