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Buy the Samsung Juke U470 Red - OUT OF STOCK!


Samsung Juke U470 Red for Verizon Wireless

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 Verizon Samsung Juke U470 Red


Are you looking for that unique, singular cellular experience? Verizon's Samsung Juke U470 Red is the accessory you want. It is slim and alive in red, and resemlbes a thin memory stick - until you open it up! The swivel motion - the only one out there - makes this phone fun to open, and when you open it the shiny keys pop out to let you know that there is more than meets the eye to this phone. Packed with all that a jukebox needs, this digital audio player contains Verizon's VZ Navigator, a VGA camera and advanced voice dialling. Verizon and the Samsung Juke U470 have come together to make a real music crowd pleaser.


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Verizon Samsung Juke U470 Red Sale!
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Samsung Juke U470 Red Highlights

  • One of the Most Uniquely-styled Music Phones on the Market
  • Advanced Bluetooth Wireless Technology With Streaming Stereo Music Support
  • Built-in Juke Music Player Supports Playlists and Lets You Multitask While Listening to Music
  • 2GB of Built-in Memory Stores About 400 Songs
  • Synchronize Music From Your PC with the Included USB Cable
  • Advanced Voice Activated Dialing Requires No Phone Pre-training
  • VGA-quality Camera Takes Fun Photos To Share With Friends
  • Color Main Display Shows Over 262,000 Colors


Get the New Samsung Juke U470 Red for Verizon Wireless, Now - You Pay $0.00!


This offer is only available with select service plans and a two-year subscriber agreement, and is subject to eligibility check by Verizon Wireless, including credit approval or deposit for new customers. This offer applies to primary and second lines only. Discount will be invalid if this equipment is transferred to another line of service. Activation and early termination fees apply. Additional restrictions apply. See Free Phones for more details. Offer valid for a limited time only.

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