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Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot for T-Mobile

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 T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot


You'll have hot access to the internet and convenience at your fingertips with the T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot. This is T-Mobile's fastest Mobile HotSpot and it enables users to connect as many as 5 WiFi-enabled devices to the internet at exactly the same time. The MicroSD card slot will accommodate as much as 32GB of added memory. The compact design of the T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot ensures that you'll always have it in your pocket, backpack or purse for ease of use. Use the Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot with tablets, PC's, cameras, eReaders and gaming devices so you'll always be connected wherever you need to be. With this device in hand, you'll be able to read emails, update your social networks, video chat, upload and download documents, pay online bills and so much more. Convenience never looked so good as it does with the T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot!


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Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot Highlights
  • 4G Mobile HotSpot Connects UpTo 5 WiFi-enabled Devices To The Internet At The Same Time
  • Built-in Support For T-Mobile's 4G, 3G, and EDGE Networks, and WiFi
  • MicroSD Card Slot Accomodates Up To 32GB Of Additional Memory
  • The Compact, Sleek Design Makes It Easy To Slip Into A Pocket, Backpack, Or Purse
  • Be Productive Even When Away From The Office Or Home - Upload/Download Documents, Pay Bills Online
  • Reply To Email, Update Social Networks, Even Video Chat Virtually Anywhere
  • OLED Screen Displays Signal Strength, Number Of Devices Connected, Number Of Texts, Battery Level
  • Manage Sharing microSD Files With Connected Users
  • Compatible Devices Include Tablets, PC's, Cameras, eReaders, and Gaming Devices


Get the New Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot for T-Mobile, Now - You Pay $0.00!


This offer is only available with select service plans and a two-year subscriber agreement, and is subject to eligibility check by T-Mobile, including credit approval or deposit for new customers. This offer applies to primary and second lines only. Discount will be invalid if this equipment is transferred to another line of service. Activation and early termination fees apply. Additional restrictions apply. See Free Phones for more details. Offer valid for a limited time only.

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