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Motorola V300 for T-Mobile

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 T-Mobile Motorola V300


Flip open the hood of this new flip phone, T-Mobile's Motorola V300, and you are in for a feast for your eyes! The shiny silver body and keys means class, and the colorful screen will light up your day, and the soft touch is a feast for your fingers. What more could you want from a tiny phone that offers a VGA camera, multimedia messaging, gaming, fast downloads and wireless connections. Take the Motorola V300 with you to 100 countries without any problem, and make most of T-Mobile with the new J2METM technology to download information, news and other content - make the most of the 5MB of memory.


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T-Mobile Motorola V300 Sale!
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Motorola V300 Highlights

  • Comfortable, Lightweight Design with Durable Soft-touch Covers
  • Extended Talk-time of Up to 6 Hours
  • Built-in VGA Camera and Enhanced Picture Messaging
  • True Color TFT LCD Main Display and Cool Blue Backlit External Caller ID Display
  • Hands-free Call Management with Voice Dialing and Speakerphone
  • Easy-to-read External Display
  • AOL Instant Messenger™ Enabled
  • Ringtone and Photo Caller ID Settings


Get the New Motorola V300 for T-Mobile, Now - You Pay $0.00!


This offer is only available with select service plans and a two-year subscriber agreement, and is subject to eligibility check by T-Mobile, including credit approval or deposit for new customers. This offer applies to primary and second lines only. Discount will be invalid if this equipment is transferred to another line of service. Activation and early termination fees apply. Additional restrictions apply. See Free Phones for more details. Offer valid for a limited time only.

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