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Buy the Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in USB - OUT OF STOCK!


Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in USB for Sprint

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 Sprint Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in USB


Getinstantly connected with the Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in Connect USB. Gain fast access to the Sprint 3G and 4GNetworks for Mobile Professionals and take advantage of the rotating connectorwhich can be plugged into any USB port. Avoidwasting time as there is this does not require any software installation as thePlug-in Connect lets the user just plug in and begin. Enjoy extremely fast wireless speeds, whichare significantly speedier than other national wireless carriers, as well asGPS using Sprint Navigation. The Sprint USB also supports the followingplatforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, MAC 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 withIntel Platform. Finally, this Plug-inConnect USB offers the user full flexibility that is required with real-timeaccess to data, networks and more.


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Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in USB Sale
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Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in USB Highlights
  • Provides Quick Access To The Sprint 3G and 4G Networks For Mobile Professionals
  • Wireless Speeds Up To 10 Times Faster Than Today's 3G From Other National Wireless Carriers
  • No Software To Install Or Start-up Delay - Just Plug In and Go
  • GPS Supports Turn-by-turn Directions Using Sprint Navigation (In 3G Only)
  • Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP , MAC 10.5,10.6, 10.7 with Intel Platform
  • Supports 3G and 4G Sprint Data Link


Get the New Sprint 3G/4G Plug-in USB for Sprint, Now - Special!!


This offer is only available with select service plans and a two-year subscriber agreement, and is subject to eligibility check by Sprint, including credit approval or deposit for new customers. This offer applies to primary and second lines only. Discount will be invalid if this equipment is transferred to another line of service. Activation and early termination fees apply. Additional restrictions apply. See Free Phones for more details. Offer valid for a limited time only.

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