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Motorola i576s for Nextel

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 Nextel Motorola i576s


The Motorola i576s is a tough, sturdy, no nonsense flip phone perfect for people looking for something simple and long lasting. The i576s is certified to military specification and is resistant to dust, shock, low pressure, extreme temperatures, vibration and radiation. This Motorola phone features the Nextel Direct Connect service as well as Bluetooth, and supports text and picture messaging, GPS, downloadable apps, web surfing, ringtones and voice dialing.


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Motorola i576s Sale
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Motorola i576s Highlights
  • Rugged and Durable Flip Phone Meets Military Spec 810F Standards
  • Resistant To Dust, Shock, Vibration, Low Pressure, High/Low Temperatures, and Solar Radiation
  • Stay Safe and Hands-free: Bluetooth Compatible To Connect Wirelessly To Headsets and Car Kits
  • Nextel Direct Connect Walkie-talkie Helps You Get It Done
  • DirectTalk Off-network 2-way Radio Service Is Great In A Pinch
  • Push-to-Send A Contact or Push-to-Send My Info To Co-workers
  • Crisp Color Display Shows Over 65,000 Colors
  • External Display Shows Caller ID, Battery Life and More
  • Quality Speakerphone
  • Send and Receive Picture and Text Messages


Get the New Motorola i576s for Nextel, Now - You Pay $69.99!


This offer is only available with select service plans and a two-year subscriber agreement, and is subject to eligibility check by Nextel, including credit approval or deposit for new customers. This offer applies to primary and second lines only. Discount will be invalid if this equipment is transferred to another line of service. Activation and early termination fees apply. Additional restrictions apply. See Free Phones for more details. Offer valid for a limited time only.

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