Why Upgrade Your Cell Phone?

As technology spirals out of our grasp and into the hands of the younger generation, it’s easy to become confused, frustrated, and frankly, lazy. Why should we spend so much time learning to use these new tools when our old ones suited us just fine?

A common example is the cell phone. With smartphones becoming more and more popular, it can be hard to find a nice, effective, ‘regular’ cell phone with proper coverage and a normal price range. Your children, friends, co-workers and even your cell phone provider keep pushing you to upgrade your phone…. But why should you?

Well, here are a few good reasons:

Organization: Smartphones were created to act as personal organizers, with electronic schedules, diaries, shopping lists, reminders and contact lists that allow you to keep track of everything in both your work and personal life.

Flexibility: The portability of your smartphone allows you to take notes as well as change and review appointments, contacts, emails and documents while you’re on the go.

Connectability: The speed and data quality of smartphones allows you to connect to the internet, and even to your remote computer network from any location. Information sharing is made easy with a smartphone, which can process large email attachments or data files from almost every website. These features can ease the life of remote workers or mobile workforces, as well as people who travel frequently.

Information: Smartphones can access thousands of services, opening an entire world right at your fingertips. With a smartphone, you can access maps, navigation help, news coverage, weather reports, traffic information- even Google search!

Quality: The quality of a smartphone’s camera, voice calls, text messaging and web browsing are all significantly better than those on older cell phone models. Communication is faster, conversations are clearer, and photos taken while on the move can actually be cherished in albums or files both online and off.