Cell Phones as Hot Spots

Cell phones

The less tech-savvy among us might first like to know what a ‘HotSpot’ is before we discuss how you can use your own cell phone as a personal hotspot.

Luckily it’s not all that difficult to understand. Here is an example from real life. In the olden days, let’s say five years ago, most people connected to the internet either at work or at home by physically attaching their computers using a cable through their phone lines.

As computer mobility increased and larger numbers of people began using laptop computers, it became incredibly convenient to have wireless access to the internet. A hotspot is the place where it is possible to access the internet, over a wireless area network using a router which is connected to an internet provider. Typically a hotspot uses WiFi technology to connect to the internet.

Hotspots can be found in a huge number of public spaces, from internet cafes, to waiting rooms in hospitals, to airports. Bookstores, department stores, RV parks, and even entire municipalities can allow people to surf the web wirelessly.

But what happens if you are in a place that does not have a hotspot but you want to get your computer on-line? Not a problem if you have a data enabled cellphone. It is possible to create your own personal hotspot using your phone. There are several ways to accomplish this goal, depending on what kind of smartphone you have. If your phone does not have built in WiFi then you will need additional hardware, but if your phone does have WiFi, which the vast majority of smartphones have today, then all you may need is additional software. In many cases your phone may already come with the necessary software to create a hotspot.

Once you have a phone that can create a hotspot for you, you can then connect several WiFi enabled devices, often five or more, to the internet through your cellphone. Now that your phone brings the internet into your home or office, there is the possibility of saving money by dropping your internet provider. Since you are already paying your cellphone company to connect you to the internet, and since you can connect five or more devices to the internet through your phone, it is easy to see that having an internet provider is a superfluous waste of money.

There you have it. The way of the future may be connecting all our internet devices, phones, computers and more, to the internet with our mobile smartphones, simplifying life and saving money, too.

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